Austin Green Discography

June 5, 2020

Performer, Mixer, Arranger, Producer on 100+ tracks and 15+ albums since 2013

Originally posted June 5, 2020

Last updated January 1, 2022

I’ve been on a lot of things over the years! This is an incomplete list of things I have done in my musical career, to be updated on occasion. Most of the missing things are Dwelling of Duels tracks that I haven’t added here.

Date Type Title (Game) [Album] Role
Dec 2021 Soundtrack The Big Shuffle Kickstarter Video Arrange/Keys/Mix
Oct 2021 Soundtrack Spell Spud Kickstarter Video Arrange/Keys/Mix
Oct 2021 Original AcoustiKinetic [E1M1 - Empty Mag] Arrange/Guitar/Bass/Drump/Keys/Mix
Aug 2021 Remix DoD Renn Faire in Tamriel (Elder Scrolls Medley) Arrange/Mandolin/Mix
May 2021 Remix DoD The Queen in Red (WarioWare: Touched!) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/Drump/Mix
Apr 2021 Remix DoD Crack The Surface (Terraria) Arrange/Guitar/Mix
Mar 2021 Remix Album High​-​Energy Instrumental Rock. A VGM EP Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix (4 tracks)
Feb 2021 Remix DoD Death of the Mall (Kill ‘Em Mall) (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Jan 2021 Remix DoD TikTok Presents: Mariners of Port Sarim (RuneScape) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/Keys/Mix
Dec 2020 Remix DoD Prisoner 849 Rides Again (Unreal) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix
Nov 2020 Remix DoD Carmicheal’s Plant Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Oct 2020 Remix Album Track Limits of Twilight (The Outer Limits/Twilight Zone) [Danse Macabre 7] Arrange/Guitar/DrumP/Mix
Jul 2020 Remix DoD Holy Arks, Batman! (Shining: The Holy Ark) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/Keys/Mix
Jun 2020 Remix Album PC Gaming Show 2020 Album Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix (7 tracks)
Apr 2020 Remix Track Hold On Tight (Super Hang-On) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
May 2020 Remix DoD FIGHING TO BASHING (Shimono Masaki no Fishing to Bassing) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Mar 2020 Remix DoD Time - Lavos - Chance (Chrono Trigger) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Vocals/Mix
Feb 2020 Soundtrack Xiū Diànnǎo (Computer Repair) Compose/Sound Design
Jan 2020 Remix Album Track Star Trader [Fresh 2 - Too Fresh] Bass
Jan 2020 Remix DoD “insert iv chord joke here” (Mega Man IV) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Oct 2019 Remix Album Track New Messiah (Castlevania: Belmont’s Revenge) [The Belmont Adventure] Mix
Aug 2019 Soundtrack αργά, ωραία! (A Tribute to Yanni) Arrange/Program
Aug 2019 Remix DoD Trial By Fire (Tactics Ogre) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Aug 2019 Remix Album Track Fossil Roo (Final Fantasy IX) [Final Fantasy IX - Beyond the Mist] Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix
Jul 2019 Remix Album Track Stir Fry (Final Fantasy IX) [EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX] Bass
May 2019 Remix DoD ubernova (Marvel Vs. Capcom 2) Guitar
May 2019 Remix DoD Daemon Fever (Dangun Feveron) Co-Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Feb 2019 Remix DoD North Polaris (Donkey Kong Country 3) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Feb 2019 Remix Album Track Noisy Notebook A, B, C (Snipperclips) [The Great Tale of the Little Ones Vol. 2] Bass
Jan 2019 Remix DoD That Ain’t No Dog (Sparkster) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Jan 2019 Remix DoD King Boo Gets a Job as an Organist at Yankee Stadium (Super Mario 64) Keys
Jan 2019 Steel Samurai Album Objection! Arrange/Guitar/Mix/Master (6 tracks)
Dec 2018 Remix DoD Animal Friends (Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Oct 2018 Remix Album Track Tower of Dolls (Castlevania X68000) [Castellum Sanguis LXVIII: A Castlevania X68000 Tribute Album] Co-Arrange/Keys/Guitar/Mix/DrumP
Sep 2018 Remix DoD Route 66 Million B.C. (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Aug 2018 Original Doki Doki Powerline! Stringer Compose
Jul 2018 Remix OCR Deeper in the Heart (Dragon Warrior VVI) Classical Guitar
Jul 2018 Remix DoD Astrocops (Policenauts) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
May 2018 Original Album Child of Ash (Demo) DrumP (4 tracks)
May 2018 Remix DoD Velocity: Fueled By Sake (Power Drift) Co-Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Mar 2018 Remix DoD Radiance Ephemeral (Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Jan 2018 Remix DoD 93523 (Ys 4: The Dawn of Ys) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Dec 2017 Remix Album Stroggos Rising (Quake II) Director/Guitar/Bass/Drums/DrumP/Keys/Mix/Master (18 Tracks)
Dec 2017 Remix DoD Black Future, Red Falcon (Contra Medley) DrumP
Dec 2017 Remix Album Track Eight Magics (Secret of Mana) [Secret of Mana: Resonance of the Pure Land] DrumP/Mix
Oct 2017 Remix Album Track Belly of the Beats (Splatterhouse 2) [Danse Macabre 6] Co-Arrange/Guitar/DrumP/Mix
Jul 2017 Steel Samurai Album Steel Samurai Arrange/Guitar/Mix/Master (5 tracks)
May 2017 Remix DoD Edgar Enchantment’s Quick Snap (Magic Johnson’s Fast Break - Title Screen) Co-Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Mar 2017 Remix DoD Altaïr Ibn-Ma’Ass (Assassin’s Creed - Spirit of Damascus) DrumP/Mix
Feb 2017 Remix DoD Black Knight 2049 (Black Knight 2000) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Vocals/Mix
Jan 2017 WASD Album C​:​\​WINDOWS​\​MEDIA Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix/Master (5 tracks)
Nov 2016 Remix DoD A Tale o’ Love an’ Loss (Animal Crossing) Co-Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Oct 2016 Remix Album Track Baroquebusters (Castlevania 3) [Danse Macabre 5] Co-Arrange/Guitar/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Sep 2016 Remix Album Track Goe Goe Gorgeous Spark! (Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon) [Tribute Album 64] Arrange/Guitar/Mix
Sep 2016 Remix Album Track Flaming Edosexual (Goemon’s Great Adventure) [Tribute Album 64] Co-Arrange/Guitar/DrumP/Mix
Aug 2016 Steel Samurai Album Criminal Justice System Arrange/Guitar/Mix/Master (5 tracks)
May 2016 Remix DoD MOTHER?!?!??! (Mother) Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix
May 2016 Remix DoD (Earthbound) Co-Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Apr 2016 Remix Track Ill Trade You My Squirtle For A Peekatchu (Pokemon Trading Card Game) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix
Mar 2016 Remix DoD Pure Black Beginnings (Pokemon RBY) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix
Mar 2016 Remix DoD Hurry Up! Funky Music! (Dangun Feveron) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Jan 2016 Remix Album Track Airborne Riptide (Ecco: Tides of Time) [SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin] Co-Arrange/Guitar/Mix/DrumP
Jan 2016 WASD Album Shift Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix/Master (10 tracks)
Nov 2015 Remix DoD No Pain, No Reign… of Terror, That Is (Spiderman & Venom: Maximum Carnage) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix
Sep 2015 Remix DoD Underneath my Umbrella (Resident Evil 2) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix
Jun 2015 Remix DoD Samus & der Club of Zebes (Metroid) Arrange/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
May 2015 Remix DoD Overloading Magma Worm (Risk of Rain) Co-Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix
Apr 2015 Remix DoD Partymaniacs (Battletoads in Battlemaniacs) Co-Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP
Apr 2015 Remix DoD 12,931 Pounds of Folk (Battletoads and Double Dragon) Arrange/Melodica/Percussion/Keys/Mix
Jan 2015 Remix DoD Snake Daddy (Mega Man 3) Co-Arrange/Guitar/DrumP/Keys/Vocals/Mix
Oct 2014 Remix Album Track u juts got kill’d by a LITTLE GIRL LoLoLoL xD (F.E.A.R. 2) [Danse Macabre 3] Arrange/Guitar/Bass/Keys/DrumP/Mix
Jun 2014 Remix Album SAVE! Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Keys/Mix/Master (6 tracks)
May 2014 Remix DoD Mundo Submarino (Wonder Boy in Monster Land) Bass/DrumP/Mix
Sep 2013 Remix DoD Entering The Tournament (Unreal Tournament) Arrange/Guitar/Bass/DrumP/Mix