A 2023 Review of a Playthrough of Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek: The Next Generation Role Playing Game

July 17, 2023

Also known as STTNGRPG or LUG Trek

My continuing mission, to seek out new games, and new RPG systems! This game was published in 1998, which is very apparent. It definitely has some interseting points that make it a good game to play, but there are a few quirks or drawbacks that the game suffers from. I ran a single session with a group of four players, playing a scenario I created that involved a little bit of combat, exploration, and skill tests. The PC’s were beamed down to a jungle planet with a paleological dig happening around a newly discovered temple of a pre-warp civilization that had died out.

##Best Parts:

##Meh Parts:

##Worst Parts:

##Didnt Try:

##Tweaks I would make for future plays:

##Summary I enjoyed playing the game, but there are better ways to handle the quick and heroic roleplaying of a Star Trek game. Simulationist playing is not a necessity!